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Main : Can you find me tiffany blue and black or white bedding?

Best : by Mary

Hi, Here is some cute tiffany blue bedding. Hope this helps.


Main Question: Bedroom navy blue carpets, brown furniture. Blue/Brown bedding. what color should I paint the walls? printed curtains or solid, what color?

Best Answer: by Ann

You have a lot of dark colors in the bedding and furniture so I would go with a light/bright wall color, an off white with either tan or yellow undertones would be nice, depending on the shade of brown peach might also work. If the bedding is really a busy pattern I would go with something a little less busy for the curtains, Navy would look good against light walls, if patterned pick navy with a lighter blue or color close to the wall color



Main Question: Does light brown bedding set goes with a blue wall?

Best Answer: by CECIL W

Depends a lot on the blue and the hue of the blue…same with the light brown.



Main Question: I’ve got dark purple bedding, partner wants blue. Don’t want to buy everything new, so do those colours match?

Best Answer: by meagan

They’d work together if the purple were light but the dark purple isn’t really going to look good with anything but black and purple itself. But if you want to keep the purple you could buy both light purple and light blue and it will look good.



Main Question: What bedding would go nice with electric blue walls?

Best Answer: by gkhands

i would recommend for u a silver color may be mixed with some black but ur carpet and furniture would not go. Electric color is more of a modern taste but ur furniture does not blend with it. Can it be replaced?



Main Question: What color bedding goes well with blue walls?

Best Answer: by Tatem

brown with accents of the same blue tone

yellow and white



Main Question: What Color Bedding Goes With Dark Blue Carpeting?

Best Answer: by Uther Aurelianus

I personally like a deep red comforter with white sheets and ruffle.



Main Question: What color comforter goes with navy blue sheets?

Best Answer: by pickmefirstplz

brown and white



Main Question: What color on the walls would match with red and blue bedding?

Best Answer: by Christine

I would go with a soft, pale blue or a beige/cream color. Or like the other post, you could even keep the walls white and put a soft blue on the ceiling. I just wouldn’t paint the walls red It’ll be too much. 🙂



Main Question: What color should I paint my walls if my bedding and curtains are navy & white?

Best Answer: by Bear

One wall royal blue 3 walls white (no peachy thing)



Main Question: Where can I find Blue/Chocolate Brown Bedding/Home decor?

Best Answer: by Mara M

I just redid my bedroom in the same colors and I found a cute comforter set at Bed Bath and Beyond… it was a little pricey but I love it! I think the bathroom should include tan for a more soothing color with the blue and brown.


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